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Our Approach

At IM Well, we are re-engineering Primary Health Care in India and the World by:

Staying true to the World Health Organization's definition of Primary Health Care focussed on 5 key areas: 1. Health Promotion, 2. Disease Prevention, 3. Disease Treatment, 4. Rehabilitation and 5. Palliative Care. Health care and NOT Sick care.

Re-introducing the Family Physician who is not only intimately acquainted with your (and your family's) condition, history and preferences, but is also your health friend, philosopher and guide. Enabled by technology and process.

Adopting Integrative Medicine, where any and all recommendations made towards healing, health and happiness are guided solely by your body-mind-spirit and preferences, and not by a specific system of medicine.

What is Integrative Medicine?

Holistic & Personalised

Considers your mind-body-spirit complex, emotional, spiritual, social and community aspects and your values, experiences and preferences.


All treatment approaches are based on research evidence and / or physician's experience. You are encouraged to ask questions and seek data.

What is IM


Builds a health and healing relationship between you and your physician, who becomes your health friend, philosopher and guide.

Least Invasive

Recommended approaches are least intensive and invasive. More invasive approaches are recommended only on need basis and only with your consent.

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Dr Shashikant MBBS, MD, MSc

A leading proponent of integrative medicine with 15 years of experience. MD in Yoga and Rehabilitation, MSc in Clinical Psychology and certified in Acupuncture and Moxibustion.

Dr Joseph Mathew MBBS, MD

A leading practitioner in General Medicine with over 2 decades of experience in academia, corporate practice and private practice with special interest in cardio-vascular diseases, infectious diseases and clinical decision algorithms.

Dr Minakshi Dutta MBBS

Over 2 decades of experience as a private practitioner and another 2 decades of experience in weight management, skin and hair care and diet and nutrition.


A radiologist and diagnostic imaging specialist with 13 years of experience.

Dr Rajesh Iyer MBBS, MD, DM

A leading neurologist with with special interest in Integrative approaches in neurology and preventive neurology.

Dr A Mascarenhas MS, FNB

A leading spinal surgeon with special interest in Spinal Cord injury, deformity correction and keyhole surgery.

Dr Ambadi Kumar MBBS, MD

Dr Kumar has over 3 decades of experience in integrative medicine and is a recipient of Fellowship Integrative Medicine from the university of Arizona, USA.

Dr Suvarna Jyothi MBBS, DNB (OBG)

A leading gynaecologist and infertility specialist with special interest in high risk pregnancy, adolescent menstrual health and PMS conditions.


Dr C Nagraj BAMS, MD

A passionate proponent of integrative medicine with specialisation in Ayurveda and Yoga. 10 years of experience in holistic medicine.

Dr Vinay BAMS, MD

11 years of experience as an Ayurvedic practitioner with special interest in treatment of Piles and Fistula.

Dr Gopinath K BAMS, MD

3 decades of experience backed by significant clinical experience in reputed hospitals. His special interests are in Immunology and Rheutamology.

Dr Ashwini R BAMS, MD

14 years of experience with special interest in Neuro-rehabilitation and diet and nutrition.



Her formulations are used by practicing Homoeopaths across India. She also holds a post graduation in child nutrition and a diploma in nutrition health education. She is an Assistant Professor NSH Medical College, Bhopal and is the president of SAAHAS.

Dr Jayanthi Rani BHMS, MD, MS

15 years if experience as a Homoeopathic practitioner and Yoga therapist with special interest in the confluence of conventional and clinical Homoeopathy.


Dr Swarna Gowri BHYS, PGDHHM

17 years of experience in Naturopathy, Yoga and Counselling with special interest in disease management and healing through Nature cure, Yoga and meditation, and counselling for people afflicted by major psychological conditions and even suicidal cases.

Swati Roy Sehgal M.Sc (Applied Psychology)

10 years of experience as a clinical counsellor with special interest in career and academic counselling, relationship counselling and helping people deal with peer pressure and chronic anxiety.



12 years of experience with special interest in Knee, Neuro, CABG Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine.

Our Team

Dr Shashikant

Dr Shashikant has 15 years of experience as a medical practitioner in India and China and has pioneered the adoption of integrative approaches to disease prevention, treatment and patient rehabilitation.


Anirvan has over 3 decades of experience in banking operations and regulation (RBI), financial systems services (IBM & HCL Technologies), business roles (Frontier Business Systems, Prakat Technologies and eLitmus Evaluation) and entrepreneurship (KOGNOS and ZingUpLife). 


Arijit has 2 decades of experience in technology (Motorola, Freescale), business roles (eLitmus Evaluation) and entrepreneurship (DSipher Design Solutions). Arijit holds a BTech in Electrical Engineering from IIT Bombay.

Our Story

Many years ago, there was this very opinionated, quaintly courteous, bright-eyed and bushy tailed young man who graduated out of one of the topmost technology institutions in India. A premier MNC decided to tame his wild spirit and put him into harness - designing chips for them to sell across the world. Some patents and lots of guitar singles followed, until one fine day this young man decided to throw off the yoke. He started his first independent enterprise, which was all about designing chips on an online platform. Several summers of hope and winters of struggle later the wheel had come full circle for our now not-so-young man. But as he got back into working for someone else once again, the flame of independence burned steady and bright somewhere in the deep recesses of his soul. Leading a business for a talent assessment company, he bided his time and widened his experience and deepened his patience, waiting for the light of serendipity to show the road ahead. This is also the time when his path crossed with a not-so-old fellow's and they found their minds matching on many matters, big and small. They fell into pace with each other over shared days of easy companionship and spoke of many things, from cabbages to kings. But they also spoke about doing something together that would impact people directly and change lives.

This not-so-old fellow had a curiously confusing history. He had knocked about the world quite a bit since his salad days and had tried his hand at earning a living doing a rather wide range of very different stuff. Starting off in the last decade of the last century, he had worked in the leather industry, jute industry and shipping before he became a central banker. By the time Y2K happened, he had worked on multiple fintech initiatives and on designing payment systems. And then he upped and left to explore the world of technology. Another decade of working for major tech MNCs and independent consulting experience followed before he wandered into a completely different domain altogether. More by accident than by design, he found himself hired to run a talent assessment company with big dreams of revolutionising the industry. And this is when he bumped into our not-so-young man and a bond of shared perspectives and common sympathies started, grew and flourished on mutual regard and respect. Few more years down the line, our not-so-old character was restless in his 9 to 5 routine again and decided to step out. With an old friend, he started a holistic wellbeing platform focused on workplace wellness and wellbeing consulting. And this is when he also met the third and perhaps the most remarkable character of IM Well, the doctor-healer with a heart of gold.

The not-so-old man had a young nephew who had a painful, chronic and complex neurological issue. The good doctor was treating the boy when the two men first met and there was this rare but undeniable instant meeting of minds. Both understood and appreciated the perspectives of each other on healthcare and wellness and as the years passed, the relationship strengthened and blossomed. The still-quite-young doctor is a driven character who lives, breathes and dreams his profession of service. He had worked his way through medical school to graduate as an MBBS, before he went on to become India's first MD in Yoga and Rehabilitation. He started his mission of health advocacy and healing using the protocols of Integrative Medicine, perhaps the first time in the country. In the course of more than a decade, he has built up a following of grateful patients and students across India, China, SE Asia and Europe - all of whom are beneficiaries in some way or other of the Integrative Medicine practised by him. Always hungry for new knowledge and thirsty for new experiences, our doctor became qualified and trained himself in multiple practices and protocols of Complementary and Alternative Medicine, ranging from Acupuncture to Yoga. And patiently built a wide network of Integrative Medicine practitioners worldwide who shared his passionate belief in the efficacy of this approach to human wellbeing.    

Of all structures, a tripod is supposed to be one of the most stable. Three vectors stabilising a point. And so it is with IM Well. Three people, of widely different backgrounds and with very disparate legacies of experiences, have joined hands and merged their efforts to build something together. Something that is a realisation of their common dream of healing and health for fellow men. Building that something pulls in their own unique gifts, talents and skills - leveraging their different strengths and compensating for their differing weaknesses. And so here today are three different minds united by a single shared mission to create and nurture the most authentic Integrative Wellness experience for patients in need.


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