Our General Services

General Medical Consultation

Comprehensive Medical Evaluations.
Diagnosis And Treatment Of Acute And Chronic Illnesses.
Referrals To Specialists When Needed.
Prescription Medications And Supplements.

Integrative Medicine Consultation

Holistic Assessments Of Physical, Emotional, And Spiritual Health.
Personalized Treatment Plans That Incorporate Multiple Modalities.
Guidance On Lifestyle Modifications And Self-Care Practices.
Coordination With Other Healthcare Providers.

Second Opinion Consultation

Comprehensive Review Of Medical Records And Test Results.
Evaluation Of Treatment Options And Recommendations.
Collaboration With Primary Care Physicians And Specialists.
Support For Informed Decision-Making.

Physiotherapy And Rehabilitation Services

Evaluation And Treatment Of Musculoskeletal Injuries And Conditions.
Physical Therapy Exercises And Modalities.
Rehabilitation Programs For Post-Surgical And Neurological Conditions.
Sports Performance Enhancement Programs.

Psychotherapy And Counseling

Individual And Group Therapy Sessions.
Cognitive-behavioral Therapy.
Mindfulness-based Therapy.
Trauma-Focused Therapy.

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