Patient Friendly Approach


At IM WELL, we go the extra mile to ensure that a patient is always at ease.

Infection Control

At IM WELL, emphasis is given on simple practices of regularly sanitizing hands to implementing epidemiological surveillance and infection control. An infection control program and protocol has been put in place to ensure the well-being of both the patients and the hospital staff. These include engineering controls, state of the art designs of operation theatres with positive pressure, ultra clean air filters with 30 air changes an hour, appropriately designed intensive care units, central sterile supply department and a well planned segregation and disposal system of biomedical waste.

Easy Processes

All processes, at IM WELL, have been simplified to deliver an experience of ease. This includes admission procedures, insurance claims, payment procedures, decentralised billing and others.

The Building Block

The IM WELL building design is an innovative H-shape which gives immense advantages to the functioning of the hospital. It translates to the fact that all path-flows are separate, implying absolute infection control and safety. Also, the hospital’s two skylight zones have significant benefits as all wards and rooms, including the OTs and ICUs get good natural sunlight through the day.


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